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Before Marvel’s famous symbiote became the Venom we know and love, it was trying to make it work as Spider-Man’s other half. But new cover art for Venom #19 may have fans convinced that it wasn’t Peter Parker, but Mary Jane Watson who would have created the most stunning symbiote imaginable.

It’s an incredible time for Mary Jane fans in the Marvel Universe, with the longtime love of Spider-Man set to receive her very own comic book this fall, with The Amazing Mary Jane #1 arriving on October 23rd, 2019. And to celebrate the historic event, Marvel Comics is unofficially dubbing October the month of Mary Jane. Rolling out MJ-themed variant covers for a variety of books, inserting the redhead into cosmic encounters and, in the case of Venom, showing what it would look like if Miss Watson replaced Eddie Brock inside the symbiote suit. Sorry, tiger.

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The Mary Jane Variant Cover for Venom #19 has now been officially revealed, with artist Jeehyung Lee’s vision of the symbiote MJ. Readers can take a look at the variant cover, coming in October, below:

Venom 19 Mary Jane Variant Cover Comic

The longtime fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man line may have mixed feelings about seeing MJ merged with Venom, knowing how most of their encounters in the comics had… less than ideal results. But with Tom Hardy’s Venom 2 in motion, there’s no telling who may or may not meet Sony’s star symbiote in the decade ahead. For now, fans will have to get by on variant covers like Lee’s, and celebrate the impending arrival of The Amazing Mary Jane #1, written by Leah Williams with art by Carlos Gomez. While also deciding which OTHER variants guest-starring Mary Jane Watson they’ll be picking up this October, of course.


The issue in question may be one for Venom fans to pick up regardless of the cover, with the issue (a tie-in to the horrifying Absolute Carnage comic event) apparently finds Carnage himself “hunting Eddie Brock’s son Dylan! But there’s more to Dylan than Venom, Carnage, or even The Maker understand – and once they learn the truth, nothing will be the same!” The variant for Venom #19 arrives on October 30th, but fans can read below for the full solicitation details and plot synopsis for Mary Jane’s grand debut below:

  • Released on: October 23rd, 2019
  • Written by: Leah Williams
  • Art by: Carlos Gomez
  • Cover by: Humberto Ramos
  • One lucky lady just hit the jackpot with her own series — THE AMAZING MARY JANE #1 by writer Leah Williams and artist Carlos Gomez will bow this October, putting the spotlight on the love of Peter Parker’s life! But if Spider-history has taught us anything, such a position is rarely a good one and usually spells trouble! In a story spinning from the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #25, Mary Jane Watson just got her big shot — but at what cost? And can she really trust anyone as she pursues her Hollywood dreams? Mary Jane is no stranger to drama, so you can be sure that THE AMAZING MARY JANE will be offering up action, glamor, grit, and even a little sass in this new ongoing series, coming in October!

The Amazing Mary Jane #1 arrives at your local comic book shop on October 23rd.

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